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Times of India
11, March 2010
Bangalore, India

Failed Back Surgery Dr Subodh Shetty (left) with Shridhar Rao
A back surgery had rendered 58–year–old Sridhar Rao bedridden for two long years, till he recently underwent another operation at Apollo Hospital.

Post the initial surgery, Rao became immobile. Pain radiated from his lower back, down to the left leg and into his feet. He feared that another surgery could further worsen his condition.

Rao soon started developing pressure sores. Due to this, he felt shocks and vibrations whenever he tried to stand up. Unable to bear it, he went to Apollo Hospital.

At Apollo, a ‘failed back surgery’ was conducted by a team of super–specialists, including Dr Subodh Shetty. Rao’s spinal cord was separated from the adjoining muscles, without a tear to the spinal cord tube.

The surgery was complicated as it was to correct the residual spinal pathology, releasing the adhered spinal cord to make it free of any pressure and also to fix the broken spine. The adhered spinal cord was separated from the adjoining muscles. Later, the broken spine was fixed with screws and rods.

“There are so many patients who initially require simple surgery but land into complications and are unable to walk after that. But they do not realise that treatment is possible through planning, proper judgement and undergoing surgery in a set–up with expert anaesthetists and a well–equipped operation theatre,” Dr Shetty said.

What is it?
Failed back surgery is conducted when one suffers pain in the back and also has pain and weakness in the limbs even after undergoing operation. It may develop immediately or after a gap.

Common Causes Leading to This Are
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