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Indian Express
05 December 2010

THE maxim ‘Try–fail, try–fail, try–succeed‘ made her succeed in keeping negative thoughts out of her mind and thus could do all the chores for my child, says Reshma (name changed) who suffers from hallucinations.

"Feelings are not facts," says Reshma who tried to use the ‘recovery methody‘ practised by the Pune unit of the Schizophrenia Awareness Association that celebrates 13 years on December 6.

Schizophrenia, though a difficult mental disorder to cure, is quite treatable by easily available modern treatment methods.

Most of such patients improve sufficiently enough to return to their original position in the society.

The concept of schizophrenia is still not definite even in scientific circles. Its definition differs from country to country and has therefore become a very controversial issue; though there is some agreement about its causes, symptoms, course and treatment, says Amrit Bakhshy, President of Schizophrenia Awareness Association (SAA) .

Ratna Chibber who is a caregiver herself and is the Secretary of All India Federation for Mental Illness and President of Aasha an NGO of caregivers is coming from Chennai and will speak on rehabilitation of persons with mental illness.

Dr Prakash Amte and Dr.

Mandakani Amte are also expected to join around 12 noon SAA was registered as a Public Charitable Trust on February 18, 1998.

Three major areas of focus then were creating public awareness about mental disorders & their management.

Also empowering affected family members with the basic knowledge to enable them assert for their own rights was one of the aims.

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