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Times of India
29 October 2010
Bangalore, India

Here’s A Unique Free Check–Up On The Net For People To Check Level Of Brain Attack Risk
Are You Stroke-Prone? Take Online Test
The Advanced Neurosciences Institute at BGS Global Hospitals has launched a free online health check–up for brain attack, commonly called stroke.

All that a person needs to do is key in his/her health parameters to identify the risk level of getting a stroke. Based on that information, the person can choose to consult a specialist and take adequate measures to prevent a brain attack. This software has been developed by BOB Tech Solutions as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Dr N K Venkataramana, chief neurosurgeon and vice–Chairman, BGS Global Hospitals said: "The hospital launched the state–of–the–art Stroke Unit last year. This year, we are focusing on the fact that stroke is very much preventable. We are now launching the free online check–up to help predict the risk of stroke. People above 40 years of age as well as those who have risk factors or with a family history of stroke are more susceptible to this."

Those interested can log into and click on "Prevent Brain Attack" for a free risk assessment of stroke.

Free Consultation Camp
A free stroke consultation camp has been organized at BGS Global Hospitals on October 29 and 30. For details contact 9483400000.

Treatment Without Surgery
Advanced Neurosciences Institute has added another new service and innovative procedure to its facilities in the treatment of stroke. The hospital will soon be equipped with a unique device called the "penumbra system" where stroke patients will be treated without doing a bypass surgery of the brain. Using this state–of–the–art system, acute strokes can be treated by revascularising large, extra and intracranial blood vessels.

The Procedure
The blood clot site (causing the stroke) is approached by a microcatheter inserted in the blood vessel in the groin region. A special separator is then inserted through this microcatheter to fragment the blood clot. Then, with the help of application of continuous vacuum across the microcatheter, clots are sucked out carefully.

Dr N K Venkataramana said: "This procedure leads to immediate opening of the closed arteries, miraculously improving blood flow to the affected part of the brain, preventing damage. The devastating effects of a stroke can be reversed when treated within the golden hour period. The procedure is absolutely safe and very effective in expert hands.

The patient will have minimal pain, no incision and scar, no drilling of the skull bone and early recovery. We have a team of well experienced and trained neuro interventionalists, neuro–imaging specialists and neurosurgeons to perform this procedure. We will be able to treat patients suffering from stroke using this procedure in a week’s time." The hospital also launched a 24–hour helpline 24242424 to gain access to the Stroke Unit and free ambulance service to protect the golden period.

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