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Indian Express
12 May 2010
Ludhiana, India

The best preventive measure for avoiding a slipped disc is to keep active with regular physical exercise, going for a minimum 30-minute walk five times a week and avoiding sitting in the same posture for long periods. It is strongly recommended that whatever activities you choose to do, be careful not to make it painful and tiring.

This was suggested by Dr Gulzar Gupta, assistant professor in the Department of Neurology, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, who claims to have adopted a new technique of cervical disc surgery.

Dr Gupta said: "Although people talk about a slipped disc, nothing in the spine has actually slipped out of place. It actually means one of the discs which sit between each of the bones in the spine has been damaged. The outer shell of the disc has torn, and the spongy inner pad, which cushions the bones, is bulging out. It may be pressing on a nerve and thus, painful. "

Citing a recent example of 60-yearold Chamkaur Singh, a resident of Kamalpura village, Dr Gulzar said he was recently admitted in the hospital with a complaint of severe pain in the neck and arms.

He was diagnosed with a slipped disc in the neck and advised surgery.

"The older technique of surgery, in such cases, would require removal of the slipped disc putting a small piece of bone in its place. But with the conventional technique, the normal function of the disc is lost, which includes movements of the neck. For Chamkaur, an artificial disc made of special material was fitted after removing the slipped disc. He also had to wear the cervical collar for only a week, " the doctor said.

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