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Times of India
15 June 2010
By Pratibha Masand
Mumbai, India

Seven–year–old Alvira Rawat spent the better part of last week battling high fever that never dropped below a 102 degrees centigrade. Cough and cold were other symptoms. It took a week for Rawat to recover, and on Monday she was able to go to school, said her mother. Children children seem to be falling prey to flulike symptoms, say doctors. “We are seeing an increase in the number of patients suffering from cold, cough and fever,”said Dr Altaf Patel from Jaslok Hospital.

On a more reassuring note he said that these are not cases of swine flu, but a reaction to changes in the weather. “A slight dip in temperatures and high humidity levels are to be blamed for the spurt in general flu cases,”said Dr Patel. Other doctors agreed that this bout of flu is not an indication of a resurgence of the H1 N1 virus. “If it’s a cough and cold with slight fever, people need not worry. But if the fever persists for more than two days, or if the patients experience severe body aches, they must consult a doctor immediately,”said Dr Khusrav Bajan, critical care expert, from Hinduja Hospital.

Monsoon–related diseases are also on the rise. “There appears to be a 5–10%rise in the in the number of malaria and dengue cases,”said Dr Bajan.

Dr Vimal Pahuja, general practitioner from Hiranandani Hospital also expressed concern about the number of dengue cases. “Apart from those who have flu, almost 10 patients test positive for dengue every day.”Recurring fever, body ache and headaches are the telltale signs of dengue.

Preventive measures

Avoid stagnant water from collecting in and around your home. They are a breeding ground for mosquitoes

Empty out all water collected in flower pots, old tyres, pans or odd articles.

Regularly clean overhead tanks in buildings

Use mosquito nets

Wear closed shoes while wading in floods, and Wash your feet when you return home

Avoid consuming roadside food and open cut fruits

Boil drinking water

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