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Indian Express
27, February 2010
By Nuradha Mascarenhas
Chandigarh, India

Women Buying Colors A women buys colors on saturday
ADVOCATING a safe and organic Holi, dermatologists in the city suggest ways to keep the festival of colours a healthy affair.

“Skin pigmentation, rashes, eczema and allergic reactions are some of the after effects of the use of synthetic colours,” Dr Vikas Sharma of the National Skin Hospital, Panchkula, said.

Stressing that last year the hospital received close to 60 cases of patients suffering from adverse affects of using harmful colours, Sharma said there was need for people to remain cautious.

“Chemicals used in Holi colours consist of synthetic dyes and in many cases mica dust that can cause major skin allergies,” he added.

Girl Playing Holi A girl plays with a chinese water gun ahead of holi
Skin specialists vouch for wearing a good sun block with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 before going out to play Holi and washing off colours immediately in case of irritation. The other better option, doctors said, was using non–synthetic or herbal colours that were safe and more environment–friendly as they are prepared from natural extracts of flowers and vegetables.

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