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Times of India
14 August 2010
By Vishakha sharma

Doctors from Iraq, Yemen learnt new techniques in joints surgery from orthopaedic specialist Dr Narendra Vaidya of Lokmanya Hospital. The techniques are structured specifically for the Asian knee
Dr Narendra Vaidya with Dr Abbas from Iraq Dr Narendra Vaidya with Dr Abbas from Iraq
Pune’s advanced medical technology has attracted doctors from the Middle East to the city to upgrade their knowledge. Two orthopaedic surgeons – Dr Abbas Hamidi from Iraq and Dr Habib Darwesh from Yemen – have been sent by their respective countries to the city as part of a fellowship programme on ‘Advanced techniques in Knee Surgery’ under the guidance of Dr Narendra Vaidya, a joints specialist and orthopaedic surgeon in Lokmanya Hospital.

Dr Shrikrishna Joshi, who assists Dr Vaidya, said, "Dr Vaidya was selected by the health ministries of these countries as he has given presentations there. His interaction with the doctors there and his successful surgeries on all kinds of joints confirmed their decision of sending their doctors for knowledge upgradation."

Dr Joshi added, "Also, when these two doctors reached Pune, they checked some other city hospitals to keep their options open, but they were impressed with Dr Vaidya’s knowledge."

In the Middle East, many patients suffer from knee pain, especially Muslims, who have to bend their knees for prayers, leading to pressure on the knees. The advanced technique of knee replacement surgery ensures quick recovery with less or no pain. With the help of high flexin joints and navigation technique, knee movement can be restored by artificial joint implant. This surgery requires special equipment, advanced implants, sterilised and well–equipped modular theatre, computer system and special training.

"Dr Vaidya, who specialises in such surgeries, has cured patients bedridden for four to five years. Under his expertise, Dr Hamidi for 40 days and Dr Darwesh for 15 days studied the advanced medical techniques for artificial knee joint implant," Dr Joshi said. Dr Vaidya said, "Countries in Asia and the Middle East have a lot of patients suffering from knee joint–related problems. Artificial joint implant surgery is the best remedy for such cases. Nowadays, international quality implants are available, taking into consideration the knee structure of the Asians. Surgery with the help of a computer gives accuracy."

Dr Hamidi said, "I was amazed watching Dr Vaidya operate. He knows his subject very well. I am very happy that our government understood our needs and sent us for this fellowship programme under Dr Vaidya’s guidance. Now, I can operate on more patients in Iraq and help them recover fast."

Dr Vaidya said, "Medical tourism is increasing in India. But countries like Malaysia and Singapore are getting more patients from different countries for treatment. This is because of their transportation facilities, their new techniques. In India too, we have started including all these facilities plus the cost of treatment is comparatively low. I can’t give you the exact statistics of people coming to Pune from abroad for medical treatment without a proper study. But around 40 patients on an average come here every month and Lokmanya Hospital gets around five to six patients every month from abroad."

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