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Times of India
07 April 2010
By Namita Jain

Finding the right workout place is an essential step to a healthy body and mind
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When it comes to working out in your home or outdoors, you may feel stuck if you aren’t informed and prepared.

Outdoor Exercise
Working–out outdoors can easily become a habit. It can be an exhilarating experience. Especially, if the weather conditions are good and the location is scenic. Beautiful, open surroundings can be mood–altering.

You need to bear in mind special weather conditions when working out outdoors.

For instance, during summer it is essential to have a longer cool–down session. A cool–down lowers the body’s temperature, gradually. This prevents dizziness and extreme fatigue post workouts. Suddenly stopping without cooling down can result in a rapid drop in blood pressure and lightheadedness. The last 10 minutes of the workout should be cool–down time. This allows the blood to return from the working muscles to the heart and for the body to return to its resting state.

In winter, focus on doing a longer warm–up session. A warm–up prepares the body for the activity to follow. Muscles perform better and are less prone to injury when they are warm. A warm–up can mean simply walking or marching for 10 minutes to raise the body’s core temperature.

Tips to keep energy levels up when exercising outdoors: Indoor Exercise
Fat Out
On the other hand, you may be impressed by the convenience of not being dependant on the weather, or the lineup of imported equipment, new–age workouts and other indoor facilities.

In the midst of all this, people pumping iron, aiming for the perfect body and you might think, “I’ve found my perfect avenue for fitness”. So here are some points to watch–out for:
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