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Times of India
28 October 2010
London, India

Scientists claim to have developed a new in vitro fertilisation (IVF) test that detects faulty embryos and trebles a woman’s chance of giving birth to a healthy baby. The new technique involves taking a sample from embryos when they are five days old and checking each of its 23 pairs of chromosomes. Only the healthiest single embryo is implanted in the womb, say the scientists.

The method could spare thousands of couples the heartache of miscarriage as well as removing the risk that children conceived by fertility treatment have of conditions such as Down's syndrome, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

In fact, the test, called Chromosome Aneuploidy Screening, has been so successful that experts believe it will be routinely available to women undergoing IVF within the next three years. The screening checks embryos for chromosome abnormalities. Any which are faulty are discarded.

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