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Times of India
18 May 2010
Lucknow, India

Stressing that obesity is turning into a global epidemic, affecting children, adolescents and adults in both developed and developing nations.

experts discussed health hazards of excessive body weight on the eve of the World Hypertension Day on Monday.

“Being overweight can lead to high blood pressure or hypertension, which in turn can cause a stroke, heart failure, weakening or expansion of blood vessels and kidney failure,” said Dr Atul Kharbanda, a city–based cardiophysician.

He added that obesity is now the world’s worst nutritional problem, causing more ailments and deaths than poverty and infectious diseases.

“Unfortunately, increasing urbanisation, sedentary lifestyle and eagerness to adopt Western ways have resulted in more and more Indians joining the 1.5 billion victims of high blood pressure across the globe,” he said.

Doctors also referred to a study conducted in Kolkata, which revealed that in three to six decades, there has been a 30–fold increase in hypertension among urban dwellers and a 10–fold increase among the rural population.

The theme for the World Hypertension Day also disseminates the message to check weight to check hypertension.

Experts suggest
Experts Suggest

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Stay active, walk, cycle or swim for at least 30 minutes each day

Avoid or reduce fast food

Do not skip meals, three adequate meals are a must

If you must have alcohol, limit to two drinks a day

Give up smoking Do not add extra salt to your food Fresh herbs and dried spices can be substitutes for salt

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