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Times of India
2, March 2010
By Vijay Chavan

26-year-old woman files complaint against husband. Her father, brothers and cousins are also in the dock. They suspected her fidelity and assaulted her
Women filed complaint against her husband
After repeatedly being harassed by her husband, who forced her to have ‘unnatural’ sex, a 26–year–old woman lost her patience and lodged a First Information Report against him at the Pimpri police station. She said, she dared to lodged the complaint after he started assaulting and abusing her and started suspecting her fidelity. She also alleged that her parents and brothers also started harassing her after her husband told them about what he thought of her. The harassed and tortured woman at last approached the Pimpri police and as a result, her husband and seven others are now behind bars.

The incident came to light on Friday, when Sunita, (name changed to protect identity) approached the police station to file a complaint against her husband Sumeet, one of his friend, her own father, two brothers and two cousins. All are residents of Shahunagar area of Chinchwad. All the accused have been arrested and sent to police custody till Monday.

Sub–inspector D P Karache, who is investigating the case said that in her complaint Sunita says they hail originally from Akola district and shifted to Pune in 2001 after Sumeet got a job with a private firm in Pimpri as an automobile technician. Sunita said she her husband did not want her to work so she chose to be a housewife. However, in the last few months her husband started forcing her to have unnatural sex. She had refused saying it was dangerous and she did not feel it was right.

Karache added, Sumeet and Sunita got married in March 2000. For a few months everything went well. However, later Sumeet started demanding unnatural sex to which she did not respond favourably. He forced himself on her repeatedly and she kept denying him. After that he started becoming cruel. Since the last few days, he started accusing her of having physical relations with other men and that she had committed adultery during his absence. Over this issue, he abused and assaulted her. When she complained to her parents, Sumeet told them that he suspected her loyalty. On hearing about this, her father, two brothers and two other cousins apart from two friends of her husband thrashed up her.

Karache said, Sunita then finally lost her patience and approached the police. After confirming the complaint, they lodged a case under unnatural offence and domestic violence act. All the accused have been arrested. They are investigating further and verifying the facts.

What the law says
IPC, section 377 for Unnatural offences: Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable for a fine.

‘If partners willing, it can be enjoyable’
If the unnatural or anal sex comes without willingness, it is definitely unlawful, but if both the partners have no problem with it, then it can be enjoyable. However, it does have a lot of side–effects.Anal sex increases the risk of HIV transmission.The safest and most comfortable anal sex should involve a condom and lots of lubricant.There’s usually no such a thing as too much lubricant when it comes to anal sex. Also, if you or your partner isn't relaxed, it can be painful.The anus isn't expected to stretch like a vagina, and it does not lubricate itself.The walls of the anus can be torn, especially if thrusting is energetic.You can get infected because of a nasty bacterial infection.The other possible side–effects are vaginal infections, penile irritation, higher risk of anal warts, hemroids and anal cancer.A breakdown of anal walls over time can lead to bowl problems, rectal fissures and bleeding.
– Dr Shashank Samak, Sexologist

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