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Times of India
24, February, 2010
By Manoj Bidkar/Vishakha Sharma

When Dr Jain saw a that ‘sterile’ tray holding injections for her son had fresh blood on it, she alerted authorities of Jehangir Hospital and asked for a written apology, but they refused. They say her allegations are false
Dr Jain
Dr Vidya Jain is the mother of 14–year–old Siddhant who has been admitted to Jehangir Hospital and is being treated for swine flu. She has alleged that one of the nurses gave her son an injection which had been prepared in a contaminated tray. Dr Vidya Jain has also worked with Jehangir as a general surgeon in the past.

Dr Jain admitted her son to Jehangir Hospital on February 18 suspecting he was suffering from swine flu after he started showing symptoms like cold and cough and high fever. He was administered Tamiflu.

“I realized my son wasn’t suffering from the regular flu so I took him to Jehangir Hospital. Dr S S Deshpande, a senior physician at Jehangir put him on Tamiflu without waiting for the reports. The reports showed he was positive. But because of the early treatment, his temperature settled within 36 hours and he was out of danger in 48 hours.”

Even though her son was out of danger, Dr Deshpande asked Dr Jain to let her son be in hospital till his dose of medicines was complete.

“Everything was going on fine till the night of February 22. At around 9 pm a nurse, Neetu, brought my son’s Frumox 500 IV injection. While she was giving him the injection I saw the tray in which the injection was brought and found it had fresh blood stains. Ideally, the tray is supposed to be sterilised. When I asked the nurse if the tray was sterile she said yes. Since it clearly wasn’t, I informed the authorities which included the supervisor, the nurse on duty and Mr Vinay the manager during the night about it. All of them accepted it then but when I asked them to admit it in writing they refused. They kept on asking for the tray back which I refused to give as this is the only evidence I have.”

“As of now, the swab of the contaminated tray has been sent and blood samples of my son’s blood too has been sent for testing if there is any infection. The reports are awaited in the evening. My whole argument is that whatever happened to my son should not happen with others. I don’t really know if my son has got any infection and the authorities are not willing to admit anything on paper.” added Dr Jain.

When Pune Mirror asked Dr Prasad Muglikar, director medical services of Jehangir Hospital, he said, “Dr Vidya Jain has made false allegations, which is very demotivating for us. We have always worked beyond what we are required to do. Her son too was given complete care and is out of danger now. If it is proved that the tray in question indeed had fresh blood stains on it, suitable action will be taken against the nurse as well and seniors will decide whether she is to be suspended or terminated.”

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