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07 November 2011
Lucknow India

182 M People Across World Suffer From This Problem

Senior IPS officer, DD Mishra who levelled corruption charges against UP chief minister Mayawati could be sharing a common link with Utsav Sharma, the youth who stabbed Aarushi Talwar’s father Rajesh Talwar and Haryana’s tainted police chief SPS Rathore in early 2011.

The common link is bipolar disorder that affects nearly 182 million people (2.6% of the world population) across the globe. Nearly 20% of the patients reporting at the out patient department of Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University’s Psychiatry Department suffer from bipolar disorder.

Experts say that bipolar disorder is a mood related disorder marked by mood swings, which may get extreme at times. “The patient may be in a state of hyperactivity or mania when they feel on top of the world or on the edge. On other occasions, the patient may get depressed and feel extremely sad and hopeless,” said Dr Harjeet Singh, of Indian Psychiatry Association. He added that the condition is also marked by two intermediary states known as hypomania (or incomplete state of mania) and mixed episodes (a mixture of mania and depression).

On what caused the disease, Singh said, “There could be genetic, biological and environmental reasons behind the disease. The disorder runs in the family due to genetic reasons. Then, researches have shown that when some neurotransmitters do not function properly, the person may suffer from bipolar disorder. In this way, there are biological reasons for the disease. Environmental factors like stress or a major life event may also trigger the condition.”

PK Khhatri, the head of psychology department at National PG College said that bipolar disorder may be effectively treated with medication and psychotherapy can help individuals lead a fulfilling and productive life. “There are patients who have been working and fulfilling all duties quite responsibly with medication. However, their family members need to be careful, patient and vigilant. In fact, they need to be trained more than the patient at times,” Khhatri said.

Bipolar Disorder

Causes And Management Symptoms Mania

Feelings of euphoria, irritability and anger Impulsive or aggressive behaviour Increased energy and rapid speech Fleeting Decreased sleep and appetite Difficulty in concentrating; disorganized thoughts Inflated self-esteem Delusions & hallucinations (in severe cases)

Depression Hypomania

Less severe than a full-blown manic episode. Individuals seem pleasant, friendly, energetic and productive. Though it doesn’t sound problematic, increasing hypomania can lead to risky behaviours and full mania Mixed Episode | This involve simultaneous symptoms of mania and depression, including irritability, depressed mood, extreme energy, thoughts of suicide and changes in sleep & appetite

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