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Times of India
11 March 2011
By Jayashree Nandi
Bangalore' India

More Youngsters Falling Prey To Silent Killer: Doctors
It’s most difficult to track this silent killer. Kidney disease hardly shows any symptom until it has progressed to such an extent that dialysis remains the only option. On World Kidney Day, doctors urge two things to prevent the condition: a healthy lifestyle and regular blood tests to check one’s creatine levels.

The city is witnessing a huge surge in number of kidney patients. The reason? Growing population of diabetics. Over 76% of people get kidney problems from diabetes or hypertension. A majority of diabetics and patients of hypertension end up with kidney failure, leading to a need for transplantation. The most high–risk patients are diabetics, smokers, obese and persons with a sedentary lifestyle.

"We are seeing a huge rise in the number of kidney patients. It’s mainly because of the number of diabetics. While genetic factors play a role, lifestyle is also key. For those in the highrisk group we suggest they take blood and urine test for kidney diseases regularly. Needless to say, they have to keep a check on blood pressure and sugar levels, " said medical director, Manipal hospital and nephrologist, Dr H Sudarshan Ballal.

Strangely, many more younger patients are being diagnosed with kidney problems. This is because of conditions like hypertension and high blood sugar that have started affecting the younger lot. "We are seeing a lot more younger patients.

Lifestyle and food habits have changed drastically which has led to this state. Nearly 26% of the patients suffer kidney failure due to hypertension. We have seen it in patients in their twenties and thirties," explained consultant urologist, Fortis Hospitals, Dr L N Raju.

Slow Down Renal Failure by Change Lifestyle India can keep kidneys healthy at Rs 32K cr
If the government had to make a budget for kidney disease alone, it would have been around Rs 32,000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore given the high costs of transplantation and dialysis. Speaking on World Kidney Day, Manipal Hospital medical director H Sudarshan Ballal said many patients suffering from kidney ailments are not able to avail transplantations or dialysis considering the expense.

Lokayukta Justice N Santosh Hegde said the government needs to provide funds in this area. He also said many hospitals in India had difficulty in certifying brain dead persons which leads to problems with organ transplantation. He added that in India donors don’t come forward. "This, due of various religious concepts. We have to involve religious leaders to propagate the message."

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