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Times of India
18 March 2011
By Ruth Dsouza

Kids being more prone to this illness, experts and schools suggest right food, hygiene and treatment
Chicken Pox? Your Child Needs Care
While summer and exams take a heavy toll on students, parents have another problem to tackle — chicken pox, a disease that mostly afflicts children.

Dr Ravishankar Adiga, a paediatrician, says children "should be allowed to contract chicken pox and run the whole cycle". This gives them complete immunity. However, working parents prefer vaccinating their kids. Generally, one vaccination shot is recommended up to the age of 12 years. For children above 13 years, two shots spread over six weeks are suggested.

Care Prescribed Precautions What Schools Can Do
Since the illness is contagious, parents are worried about sending their children to schools. Manas Mehrotra, trustee/ educationist at Greenwood High, Whitefield, says, "The best way to deal with the situation is to educate students who, in turn, will act as teachers to their parents. Of late, during the school assembly, we explained to students about chicken pox. We told them the symptoms and what to look out for. We encourage students who are feeling ill to come to the teachers. Teachers have been trained to spot the symptoms of chicken pox early on."

Chicken Pox? Your Child Needs Care
Greenwood High’s Tips Fact File
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