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17 March 2011
By Arpita De

How Much Water is Too Much a Day?
We have all heard stories of people permanently damaging their kidneys or even dying due to excessive intake of water. Experts have consistently advised against too much water. On the flip side, experts are also of the opinion that too little water will damage our system and lead to diseases and weight gain. We will retain water and fat and our metabolism will suffer. Then, how much water does our body actually need and how much water is actually too much water in a day.

Some tips on understanding the human body’s need for water and drinking the right amount of water.
How much water do we need?
There have been constant debates how the amount of water a human body needs to sustain itself. The amount of water that we need depends on a few decisive factors. Water is very important for our body. However, do not ape another person’s water drinking habits. What is the right amount of water for them in a day might just be too much water in a day for you.

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