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DNA India
16 March 2011
Bangalore, India

Arthritis is now the No.1 problem both in India and in the western world. About 14% of the Indian population suffers from some form of arthritis. This effectively means that close to 150 million people are victims of arthritis in India. However, here is a new non–interventional technology that can ease out the pain for arthritis patients.

SBF Healthcare has come up with a new treatment procedure that relieves the arthritis patients from knee pain and surgeries.

"Earlier, arthritis was treated with dietary modification and exercises, as there was no treatment that could reverse the disease process. Later, knee replacement surgery came in and many people found a solution in it as a last resort. However, the latest technology is that of Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy, also termed as Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy. It is absolutely safe with no radiation involved," said wing commander (Retd) Dr VG Vasishta, founder and chief executive of SBF healthcare. This new technology was developed by Dr Vasishta during his Air Force days and later practised at SBF Healthcare.

The treatment is non–invasive, safe and scientifically proven. "I was the chief of radiology at Institute of Aerospace Medicine and have successfully conducted several clinical trials at the institute six years ago," explained the doctor. The technology is now prasticed widely in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Patients need to take this therapy daily for 21 days, one hour per day, after which patients’ condition is evaluated and decision is taken if he needs further treatment or not. SPMF is administered through ‘AKTIS SOMA’, a computer–controlled device that uses programmed magnetic fields.

Padmini Balram, a retired bank executive and a frequent traveller, is enjoying life to the fullest, thanks to SPMF therapy. "About six years ago, life was difficult. I had severe pain on my right knee and found it hard to even take a few steps. I had to depend on steroids. I tried everything from ayurveda to homeopathy. Finally, my doctor advised to go for a knee replacement surgery," recalled Padmini.

She got to know about this new technology through advertisements on newspapers and decided to take up the treatment in August 2005. "I took 21 days of therapy and was recovered 100%. Till date I don’t have any knee problems," she added.

Dr Premila Kulkarni, a retired professor of obstretics and gynaecology, was a victim of arthritis. "For the last 12 to 13 years, I suffered from arthritis. My knees were swollen and pain was too bad. I used to take intra–articular injections and pain killers every day. Knee replacement surgery was the only option left," she said.

When Premila approached SBF healthcare in 2008, she was given assurance of 50% to 60% cure since she came with an advanced Grade 4 arthritis. "After 21 days of therapy followed by physiotherapy, I am now almost 90% cured. I can walk and travel all by myself," she added.

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