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Sakaal Times
17 july 2012

PUNE: Snehal Kakade (name changed) was shocked to see the curved feet of her newborn child. Relatives were quick to point out that this was Snehal’s curse for "sins" committed in the past. However, Snehal sought medical advice, instead of penance, and a pediatric orthosurgeon explained that the child has developed a 'clubfoot,' and it is completely curable.

Mothers may be scared to see such inwardly turned feet of their child. However, the 'Clubfoot Medical Foundation' is helping such mothers, under the guidance of Dr Sameer Desai, a pediatric orthosurgeon at Jehangir Hospital.

Considering the lack of awareness about this condition among the general public, Jehangir Hospital and Dr Desai have designed a website , to provide information and education about clubfoot.

Hospital chairman and trustee H C Jehangir launched the website in presence of Indian Association of Paediatricians (IAP), Pune chapter, president Dr Dhananjay Kashikar.

"Clubfoot is a condition in which the feet are turned inward and downward by birth, due to decreased space in the mother's womb or due to muscle imbalance. But the condition is completely curable if treatment begins within first week of the birth of a child," said Dr Sameer Desai.

Dr Desai said that four to five plasters are applied to the foot in series, followed by a minor operation to lengthen the muscle. "The foot is, usually, completely corrected in about two months. After this the child must wear specially fitted shoes for a period of two years to prevent any relapse. The child is then able to run and walk normally," he added.

The incidence of this condition is reported in 1 to 2 per 1000 births.

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