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The Times Of India.
18 Aug 2012

Dermatology = experts at the Thrissur–based Amala Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) have launched a oneFof–its–kind website focusing exclusively on psoriasis. The website is aimed at empowering the patient with psoriasis to lead a productive life and equipping the care givers with updated knowledge, and to aid in the understanding of psoriasis in all its aspects such as scientific, social and individual.

Dr S Criton, professor and Head of the Department of Dermatology, AIMS said the primary aim of the website ( was to help the patients to choose the appropriate and affordable treatment programme and help them fight against the social discrimination.

"Medical surveys show that five out of 100 people in the country are suffering from acute psoriasis. There are several doubts and misconceptions about the disease, too. While Ayurveda practitioners say, psoriasis can never be healed completely, allopathists claim of curing the disease completely. Through the website, we are planning to give patients a thorough knowledge about psoriasis through didactic lectures, group discussions, workshop and seminars. Dissemination of knowledge will also be done through publication of leaflets, booklets and books," said Dr Criton.

Another mission of the website is to form a platform for interaction between various system of medicine so that beneficial aspects of each system may be tapped for the betterment of patient care. "Health care providers will be given opportunities to update themselves through continuing medical education programmes, workshops, e–learning and active personal interactions. If everything goes as planned, with the help of other psoriasis healthcare experts, we are hoping to establish a research centre for both basic and clinical research in the field of psoriasis," said the doctor.

The website has links including details of psoriasis disease, type of psoriasis, diagnosis of psoriasis, treatment of psoriasis, topical treatment, systemic treatment, childhood psoriasis, quality of life issues in psoriasis, what to do on suspicion of psoriasis, how to decide on treatment is made once the diagnosis of psoriasis is established, resources and research that give a detailed information about the disease.

"The link for the health care providers is separate. While doctors can contribute their views on the disease, others can interact with the doctors for doubts and clarifications," added the doctor.

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