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Bad Breath or Halitosis has been a problem for mankind since the beginning of most of recorded history. Never before have there been effective treatments for this condition until now. Most people will notice that the advertising media is saturated with products promoted to help this condition.

Most, if not all of them, really do not work very long and some make the problem worse. Alcohol based mouthwashes can, for example, dry out the tissues in the mouth and cause the tissues to worsen the condition over time.

Odors coming from the stomach are almost never the cause of chronic bad breath
Three simple methods to help you test yourself for bad breath are as follows:
Many people have questions regarding their breath. Many are unable to tell if they have bad breath. Often times, you will hear a friend talk about someone else’s horrible breath, yet never tell the other person. A simple technique one can perform on their own, is to take a bad breath self–test which involves a few simple steps: