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Dermatologists perform surgery.
Fact. Dermatologists often perform skin surgery to help prevent and control diseases such as skin cancer, and to address a patient’s cosmetic concerns, including wrinkles or sagging skin and acne scarring. Dermatologists invented lasers to use on the skin, and procedures such as hair transplantation, chemical peels, dermabrasion, and tumescent liposuction.

Dermatologists treat hair loss.
Fact. Dermatologists are trained to treat all skin, hair and nail conditions, including hair loss. They also treat athlete’s foot, wrinkles, age spots, genital herpes, unwanted fatty deposits, psoriasis, genital warts, cold sores (herpes simplex type 1), mouth sores and other skin ailments.

Dermatologists get more medical training than a general practitioner.
Fact. In addition to four years of medical school and one year of residency in general medicine and surgery, dermatologists have at least three more years of intensive medical and surgical training in the specialty area of skin, hair and nails.