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The ear’s main function is hearing, but it also plays a major role in maintaining one’s equilibrium or balance.

Ear Ear
Various part of the ears
The ear is divided into two parts for the purpose of hearing namely
Conductive apparatus which consists of an extended ear, tympanic membrane and a chain of hearing bones (middle ear). Perceiving apparatus which consists of the cochlea, the hearing nerve and its connections to the brain.

Functions of ear The most common symptoms suggesting ear problems:
Ear ache, deafness, discharge, noises in ear (tinnitus), giddiness, vertigo. The other associated complaints may be headache, vomiting, facial asymmetry and convulsions, which generally suggest an internal complication secondary to ear disease.

Common ear conditions in clinical practice
A few conditions like wax, fungus, discharging ears due to tympanic membrane perforations because of decay of mastoid bone and glue ear are some of the frequently encountered entities.