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A hearing aid is a device which aids the hearing by magnifying the sound electrically or mechanically. Mechanical hearing aids like speaking tubes and trumpets have become vintage, but they may be useful for patients having recruitment who cannot tolerate electrical hearing aids. Today most of the hearing aids are electrical hearing aids.

Body level type
This is the common type which is kept in the pocket of the vest, and wire conducts the sound to the earpiece. It is efficient and less costly.

Ear level type
  1. Behind the ear type of aid is small. It fits behind the ear which is covered by hair.
  2. Spectacle type of hearing aid is hidden in the spectacle frame.
  3. Aid is inserted directly into the ear.
The ear level type of aid are costly, bur are less conspicuous.

Indications Contra–indication Parts Features of Hearing Aid Prescription of a Hearing Aid
The hearing aid should be prescribed after proper examination of the patient, including audiometry. Depending upon the type and severity of deafness, the hearing aid is selected. It should be purchased after giving an adequate trial.

Even though many deaf person do not hear well, they may not like to use the hearing aid for the following reasons: