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Obstructive tonsils: associated with sleep apnea, dysphagia, speech defects and failure to thrive.

Recurrent sore throats
Otolaryngology guidelines
Associated with Key feature: Recurrent sore throats which have significant impact on patient’s life: lots of missed time from work or school, association with febrile seizures, development of multiple antibiotic allergies and development of Strep complications.

Suspicion of tonsillar cancer
There are lots of other indications that are popular in specific regions or with specific surgeons.

Otitis Media is not an indication for Tonsillectomy!!
How they do a Tonsillectomy Complications with Tonsillectomy
Hemorrhage (most common complication, estimated at 2–3%) Post–op care
Normal post–op appearance Tonsillectomy
A gray and white eschar which lasts 7–10 days, analogous to the scab on a skinned knee after a bath.

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