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What is Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome is a disease of the kidney which is characterized by
  1. Excessive protein spillage in the urine. Usually more than 3 gms per day
  2. Low albumin level high cholesterol level
  3. Edema

What causes Nephrotic syndrome?

  1. Infections: Hepatitis B, Malaria, HIV
  2. Drugs: Gold, NSAIDs, Penicillamine, Heroin
  3. Cancers: Hodgkin’s disease, cancers of the colon
  4. Immunological diseases: Lupus
  5. No apparent cause. Called Primary glomerular diseases like Minimal Change Disease, Focal sclerosis

What is the treatment of Nephrotic syndrome?

The treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome is dependant on the nature of the glomerular abnormalities which is usually detected by renal biopsy. In a type of nephrotic syndrome in children called as Minimal Change Disease the patients respond well to steroids.