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Symptoms that might indicate kidney problems
Asymptomatic Patients
Accidentally detected when they take the following tests:
  1. Urine examination
  2. Blood analysis
  3. Sonography of abdomen
  4. Blood pressure measurement
  5. Comprehensive health checkup
  6. Medical examination for insurance
  7. Tests during pregnancy
Symptomatic Patients
Common symptoms of kidney disease
  1. Swelling of the face and feet and sometimes of the whole body (Edema) – Important sign of kidney disease.
  2. Puffiness around the eyes, particularly in the morning.
  3. Burning sensation while urinating.
  4. Gross Hematuria – Red or coffee colored urine.
  5. Change in pattern of urination including increased frequency of urination and having to get up more often at night to pass urine.
  6. Pain in the back just below the ribs.
  7. High blood pressure.
  8. Increasing weakness.
  9. Nausea may be present at the terminal stage of kidney failure.
  10. Abnormal behavior and convulsions are late manifestations of kidney diseases.
These symptoms of kidney disease however may be absent. Patients may lose a great deal of their kidney function without any of these symptoms appearing. When the kidneys are damaged, the amount of urine that is passed may not decrease until the amount of damage is extremely severe and perhaps only 15% of the normal kidney function remains.