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Cluster headache is also known as erythroprosopalgia and Bing–Horton’s neuralgia (although it is not of neuralgic origin).

Signs and Symptoms of Cluster Headache
Diagnosis of Cluster Headache
There is no known positive diagnosis of a cluster headache. However, with a normal blood sedimentation rate is used to distinguish it from a Horton’s arthritis.

Treatment of Cluster Headache
In most cases of cluster headache there is an effective therapy. In the pain free interval no measures whatsoever can or should be taken. Red wine is a powerful trigger for the pain (as are sometimes also nuts, cheese and seafood) it should be avoided. Because of the very specific medication cluster headache should be treated only under close medical supervision.
The standard therapy is Methysergide or psychic side effects can occur. The medicament should not be given longer than three months, perhaps with a pause, because of the possibility of fibrosis.
Since the pain in cluster headache builds up very fast and the duration of the pain itself is mostly as short as less than half hour an oral application of any drug doesn't make sense at all. Instead the medicament should be taken subcutaneously or should be inhaled. Both ways are applicable by the patients himself.