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Dr. Yashwant Nankar, is an anesthesiologist who specializes in the sphere of pain management and has devoted his professional life to alleviating pain. He received training in cancer pain, palliative care and oncology care at the Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad under the auspices of The Indian Association of Palliative Care in 1994.
He is an active member of many medical societies, including:
Functioning of The Pain Management Center
In such centers, patients in pain are examined in detail, their case records are reviewed and efforts are made to find out the exact cause of pain. The effect of previous treatment is assessed and painful areas are mapped on the body map. The intensity is measured with various simple techniques and limitations produced due to pain on daily life are noted and a treatment plan is specifically designed for each individual.

The Goals of Pain Management
We have to keep definite goals in our mind while managing these patients. Obviously, the goal will differ according to the disease and its stage and it will range from elimination or reduction of pain to a tolerable level, restoration of physical activity, elimination of drug dependency and a return to gainful employment.

The benefits of appropriate pain management are:
Pain problems treated at the pain management center
A wide variety of pain–related problems are treated at pain center, such as:
Any pain which is present for more than three months and not relieved by conventional treatment.
Additionally, acute pain relief services are provided for conditions like: