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Symptoms of Sexual Headaches
This sudden, intense, explosive headache occurs at the moment of orgasm. The duration of the headache varies from several minutes to several hours. Sometimes the pain is dull, worsening throughout sexual activity and intensifying at orgasm. Stopping intercourse usually diminishes or stops the pain.

Causes of Sexual Headaches
It may be related to the increased blood flow and dilation of blood vessels that occur during sexual activity, thought this is not really proven. Sexual headaches or Orgasmic Cephalalgia have been associated with both coital and masturbatory activity.

Treatment of Sexual Headaches
Sexual headaches or Orgasmic Cephalalgia are generally self–limiting, and treatment is not needed. Over–the–counter analgesics may be helpful. In more serious or persistent cases of documented sexual–related headache, anti–inflammatory drug or a beta–blocker may be prescribed to be taken before anticipated sexual activity.