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Mentoplasty or Chin implants is done to increase the size of the chin. As in nasal surgery, the surgeons try to achieve harmony with the surrounding facial characteristics. Ideally, the chin should project to a point immediately below the lower lip. When surgery of the chin is necessary it can be done in conjunction with the rhinoplasty or as a separate procedure. Orthodontia to correct the position of the teeth or oral surgery to change the position of the jaw is sometimes required.

Mentoplasty Procedure
After After
Before Before
The most common deformity is a recessed or underdeveloped chin. Surgeons treat this with an implant of soft medical grade solid silicone, placed through an incision in the mouth or in the skin crease under the chin. Other materials can be used such as bone from the hip or cartilage from the rib, but this requires a second operation to obtain the implant material and for this reason are rarely used. The chin is bandaged for four to five days. In cases where the chin projects too much, the jaw can be reduced through an incision in the mouth.

Complications with Mentoplasty
There are minimal risks of infection, bleeding, rejection or asymmetry, and very rare occurrence of nerve injury. The implant could move if the patient suffers a severe blow to the chin at a later date, necessitating repositioning.