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A new device, called a flexible sigmoidoscope, a 24 inch long thin flexible tube which contains a tiny color video camera is now used. This allows your doctor to perform a much more accurate and comfortable examination.

If The Test Is Abnormal
Colon PolypColon Polyp
Don’t panic. If a polyp is found, it is unlikely to be cancer – most are not. As a plus, most colon polyps can now be removed without the need for major abdominal surgery through a simple outpatient surgical procedure called colonoscopy. This more extensive “scope” examination is usually painless and does not require hospitalization. Most patients are back to work in a day or two. If more serious problems are found, the doctor will explain what medical or surgical forms of treatment are available.

If The Test Is Normal
Of course, since the flexible sigmoidoscope is only 2 feet long and the average colon is 5 feet long, not all of the colon is examined during this procedure. But, flexible sigmoidoscopy does allow examination of the area where the majority of colon cancer, polyps, and other problems are found. You must realize that this test is a simple screening exam and it is possible that problems further inside the colon may be missed. Your doctor may ask you to do further investigations.

Risks with Sigmoidoscopy