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Living With Diabetes
14 November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day as well as Children’s Day in India., India’s, only multi–lingual health portal, along with Jehangir Hospital and Pune Municipal Corporation observed this day with a special event.
A talk show titled – ‘Living with Diabetes’ was arranged. Participated in an interactive show. Also free screening for diabetic patients was sponsored by Hoechst Pharmaceuticals.

For Juvenile Diabetic Patients we had an entertainment program with special treats for all and the formation of a Diabetes Club.

Parents, beware, if your child is complaining of thirst, frequent urination and weight loss, it could be the symptoms of juvenile diabetes. To know more about juvenile diabetes and about maturity onset diabetes please be there. would like to thank the doctors who have given us their time and effort as well as Macdonald’s and Fiesta for their contribution and support as such short notice.