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Centres of Education and Recognition Programme

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) currently has two opportunities for organizations that offer diabetes education programmes

The Recognition Programme
Is suitable for organizations or institutions that wish to have their peer and/or health professional educational programmes undergo an external review and be recognized for meeting the international standards for diabetes education as set by IDF. Their programme must be based on the International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education and they are responsible for submitting annual reports to IDF. This allows the organization to use the IDF logo on their educational materials as per the policies of IDF. The Recognition Programme is valid for 3 years at which time the organization is invited to undergo a renewal assessment.

IDF Centres of Diabetes Education


Share common responsibilities with the Recognition Programme, namely to provide programming that meets IDF standards and to submit annual reports. However, the role is quite different and the process for assessment more complex. Centres of Diabetes Education commit to a partnership with IDF to strengthen global capacity to respond to the diabetes epidemic. It is a dual commitment - the first to a high standard of education for healthcare providers in diabetes and other related chronic diseases and the second to systems development.

This is an opportunity to be a key player in the advancement of diabetes education on a global scale. These centres will work closely with IDF to narrow the gap between the current recognized best practice in diabetes education and management and the experience of those with diabetes when they engage with the healthcare system.

As a Centre of Diabetes Education, an organization will commit energies to develop and sustain a network of centres under the leadership of IDF. It will be recognized for the quality education and the numbers of people they have been able to reach through their programming. Developing and maintaining partnerships that increase capacity for education for healthcare providers within their region will be an expectation of the Centres of Diabetes Education.

The Recognition Programme recognizes education programmes for meeting a standard in diabetes education. A Centre of Diabetes Education has a dual commitment – the first to quality education for healthcare providers based on best practice and the second to systems development focussed on building global capacity to respond to the diabetes epidemic.

In summary
The Recognition Programme and the Centres of Diabetes Education share the following characteristics and responsibilities

The following is applicable to Centres of Diabetes Education Only

Source: International Diabetes Federation