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Ranjini Eye Hospital

WDD Celebrated at Ranjini Eye Hospital in Cochin
World Diabetes Day was celebrated at Durbar Hall Ground, Cochin at 7.30 am today by Cochin Eye Foundation, Ranjini Eye Hospital and Indian Medical Association Cochin branch, in association with Airtel. District Collector Dr. M. Beena gave the World Diabetes Day Message, Dr. N. S. D. Raju, Director, Ranjini Eye Hospital welcomed the gathering, IMA President, Dr. Abraham K. Paul, and Physician Forum’s Secretary, Dr. Geetha Philip spoke on Diabetes Mellitus, especially regarding diabetes in children and adolescents, which is the theme of the World Diabetes Day 2008. [read more…]

Dr. L. K. Shankhdhar M.D. (Med.), DMRE, PGDND, MAMS, FICN

Feature on Diabetes for World Diabetes Day
International Diabetes Federation, a global organization, founded in 1950, includes over 190 member–associations from 150 countries, has been celebrating WDD on 14th November since 1991, as a tribute to the main researcher of Insulin, Banting, who was born on this day. Since last year the day has received special importance since United Nations has also joined IDF to celebrate this day. [read more…]

Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Red Dhyanalinga Temple burns blue for Diabetic Children
Whether your tastes tend toward bright lights and big cities, quiet contemplation or off–road racing, groups around the world are gearing up to celebrate World Diabetes Day and raise awareness of the growing threat of diabetes. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) [read more…]

WDF photographs covered during Camp for Type 1 Children

WDF photographs covered during Camp for Type 1 Children
The event will raise awareness of diabetes, and promote the benefits of walking. Blue circles using balloons will be formed by local school students. Dr. A. Ramachandran's Hospital and the India Diabetes Research Foundation in Chennai plans to conduct a one-week World Diabetes Day awareness programme
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World Diabetes Day activities at Kolkata
Welcome to the press meet organized on the event of World Diabetes Day 2008 by Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI), West Bengal branch and Diabetic Association of India, West Bengal
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Lion R. Sankaran

Promote Diabetes Awareness in your Community Diabetes
Millions of people suffer from diabetes worldwide and unaware they have the disease. Lions educate the public about the warning signs of diabetes and its sight–threatening complications. Through LCIF, they also support medical facilities and research into treatment of diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness.
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