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And you thought you were alone…
Take a look at this list of people who have had disabilities and think...will YOU be able enough to be on this list one day?
Spanish painter (1746–1828): At age 46,an illness left him deaf. He went on to create the most famous Spanish art of the 19th century.
Stephen Hawking:
Physicist/mathematician has Lou Gehrigs Disease and is in a wheelchair. He needs a computer to speak.
John Milton:
English Author/poet (1608–1674):He became blind at age 43. He went on to create his most famous epic, Paradise Lost.
Ludwig van Beethoven :
(Famous Musician) – known to be deaf
Helen Keller :
(Devoted Life to Persons with Disabilities) She was Blind, Deaf, and Mute.
Franklin D. Roosevelt:
Franklin D. Roosevelt had Polio,was governor of New York State then elected President of the United States for 4 terms.
Christopher Reeve:
Never has a person with a disability commanded so much media attention in recent history. Christopher Reeve, crippled after a horse–riding injury,wants to be up on his feet & wants to help others stand confident too. His life is now dedicated to harnessing the power of medical research to get up & ride again.
Robin Williams:
(famous Hollywood Star) was diagnosed to be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) as a child. He never refuses a role related to medicine e.g Awakenings, Patch Adams.
Sudha Chandran:(Indian actress and classical dancer):
This brave lady dances with a Jaipur foot. She has acted in a movie on classical dance called “Nache Mayuri” & today acts in a variety of TV serials.
Tom Cruise:
(Hollywood Star): is severely dyslexic
Walt Disney:
Had a learning disability
Michael Bolton:
(famous Singer):Deaf in one ear
Marlee Matlin:
Marlee Matlin is a stand–up comedian and an actress. Some of her films include A Dead Silence, My Party, A Hear No Evil, A Bridge to Silence, A Walker, and A Children of A Lesser God. In 1987, she captivated the world by winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in the film A Children of a Lesser God. Marlee Matlin became deaf in infancy due to Roseola infantum. However, deafness has not disabled her or her career.
Marla Runyan:
One of the women representing the United States in the 1500 meter track event at the 2000 Olympics was Marla Runyan. The American runner finished seventh in her preliminary heat and rose to sixth in the semifinals to qualify for the finals. During the final race,Marla lost track of the major competitors. She finished in eighth position, 3.20 seconds behind the gold medal winner. In 1996,Marla set several track and field records at the Paralympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Following that success, Marla wanted to compete in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney – even though she is legally blind. The 31–year–old runner has been diagnosed with Stargardt disease. This is a condition that leaves her with a limited ability to see what is in front of her. In Sydney, Marla became the first legally blind athlete to compete in an Olympics.