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1989 – Broadcasting of my life history and achievements on “Akashvani Mumbai, India” under the programme “Prabhute Mani”.

1990 – 1st lady to have celebrated “Silver Jubilee of my Sufferings” in order to promote positive feelings and willpower amongst disheartened & dejected ones in Bhaidas Hall in the presence of many big personalities, which had city TV coverage also.

1994 – An interview on ‘Akashvani’ Gujarati programme of ‘Mahila Mandal’ under “Chalo Inse Miliye” (Come, let us meet them).

1997 – My autobiography was published by the editor of Loksatta in her Marathi book “Yasaswita”.

My interview with my handicrafts was televised by the “In Mumbai” channel in their programme – Mumbai mail.

Global “Gurjari” – Gujrati channel had televised my interview along with some of my handicrafts under their programme “Vijaya” to show a successful life inspite of being unfortunate in life.