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My name is Manish K. R. Gupta, I am a physically disable person, I want to spread awareness in the society. My age is 25, I want to ask some question, why we do not enjoy our life in such places like Nirula, films halls, Mc Donald’s, restaurant etc. Because there is no ram or lift?

I had my b’day on 10 Dec 03 on that day, I spend my time at home because there is no one to enjoy with me, why non person with disability has right to enjoy his/her life weather it is X’mas, New year party etc.

I want awareness in the society through television about disable, that we are not depend on other, I love to come on T.V, & I am also finding a job for myself. I am doing BCA from IGNOU. I would be very grateful if you help me. I am waiting for your reply

Manish K. R. Gupta
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