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With the globalization comes along a global problem of Obesity & Diabetes. Day by day this problem is becoming increasingly bigger & bigger. It is the greatest challenge to all agencies associated, may it be Government, Public, NGO’S & Public at large to find the solution to content it!

Obesity Video

Obesity is not a weight of body, it’s the weight of your fat. It’s generally indicated by your BMI (body mass index). So what it is this BMI? It’s quite simple equation. It’s a calculation of weight (kg) /height in M2. Why to calculate is because two persons of 70 kg might be having same weight but person who is 148cm looks fat can be categories into obese BMI 32 but the one who is 170cms tall looks and categories in healthy. So obesity is categories as overweight, obese, and morbidly obese and people above 40 is morbidly obese.

BMI Status of Obesity
< 19 Underweight
19 – 24.9 Normal
25 – 29.9 Overweight
30 – 34.9 Class I Obesity
35 – 39.9 Class II Serious Obesity
> 40 Class III Morbid Obesity

It’s not only that you look ugly and asymmetrical but it is mother of some life threatening disorders like Diabetes, Heart attack, Hypertension, cancer, sleep apnea, stroke, gall stones, varicose vein, infertility, etc. The physically, heavy weight can increase the possibility of accidents, fractures too. Also, this obese people are prone to psychological disorders because of social matters, religious taboos, and marital status. It can make person to commit suicide, and social isolation because of awkwardness in crowd of thin people.

As every attempt of exercise and diet gets fail person becomes more & more depressed and anxious, even it affects and hampers his/her occupation, education, social growth. It again add 4–5kg more to his/her weight as stress increases hunger and it’s again put him to more danger, and again because of increasing scale he/she starts burring into stress. So it’s a dangerous cycle.

It depends on your energy intake and output. Person who is eating 1 chapatti can look fat then person who is eating 5–6 chapattis. It’s because he is taking more calories (energy parameter) then he actual require for his daily activities. So this energy imbalance causes storage of more unused fat (also glucose) in body. To reduce this fat one has to work–out (exercise) which is not happening because of busy schedules. On the top sedentary lifestyles in IT and BPO and fast food adding into it.

According to research, obese people are prone to diabetes (80%) soon. Because of more intake or glucose the store fat affects the liver and pancreatic functions, too.

Diabetes Mellitus type 2 causes increased neuronal insulin and leptin which gives stimulation of brain which causes energy imbalance in body and again insulin resistance too.

A new Disease or syndrome is started shaping in new world called, “Diabesity” (NEW WORLD SYNDROME). A mixture of the both diseases.

Treatment options
Apart from genetic in origin two major reason of causing obesity is Diet (more energy intake) and less exercise (less energy output).
So, person can reduce his weight by focusing on this two things but research says, BMI above 40 (weight above100 kg) it is very difficult to lose weight as it is difficult to control hunger for them and exercise for obese and morbidly obese (above 40 BMI) is very difficult as it is dangerous for them at that stage of life (can cause injuries, fractures, breathlessness, heart problem.

Other option as medicine is not safer to take more then 3 years and the effect is not permanent and much more where it requires drastic weight loss (30–40kg weight loss) So, for this obese and morbidly obese people where it is hazardous and life threatening to them, there is another option in Bariatric surgery (obesity/weight loss surgery) , Now it called as Metabolic surgery/diabetes surgery too.

Bariatric surgeries there are 3 surgeries can be considered to attempt a major weight loss goal.
1) Laparoscopic Gastric banding
2) Laparoscopic Sleeve gastrectomy.
3) Laparoscopic Gastric bypass.

Silicone Band Silicone Band
1) In Laparoscopic Gastric banding, We are putting one silicon band (material is like any silicone breast implant) like any rubber band around the upper part of stomach which makes a small pouch called as baby pouch which gives early satiety so patient eats very small amount of food, satisfied with it, and ultimately gains it’s goal of dieting, voluntarily. This band can be adjustable and controlled by access port which kept under skin. (With a small opd injection). Here in this procedure, there is absolutely no Complication other than infection, erosion, ulceration (1–2%) same like any other surgical procedure. Benefits of this procedure is there is no dumping or malabsorptive symptoms after surgery. Surgery is reversible if any complication occurs.

Gastrectomy Gastrectomy
2) Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, where we are cutting and stapling 75% part of stomach and person can use it’s 25% stomach. Here, is the same thing as stomach pouch is reduced the person eats less and satisfied with it and voluntarily its ultimate goal gains that is dieting. Here there is no malabsorbtion or no dumping. As here there is no foreign body inserted. there is no complications related to it.

Stomach Stomach
3) Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, where the upper part of stomach is cut and joined it to the small intestine. Here person eat less as stomach become small and whatever good fatty part of diet eaten by person is bypassed. And goal of diet can be achieved. Here, this surgery is major. But it is known as Gold standards as it gives more benefits to the patients. The only complication related to this surgery is dumping or malabsorption of vitamins which can be corrected through daily multivitamin intake. (Only 1 tablet lifelong).

The goal achieved by this surgery is Adjustable Gastric Band more than 50% Extra Weight Loss, Sleeve Gastrectomy more than 60% Extra Weight Loss, Gastric Bypass More than 70–80% Extra Weight Loss.

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