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S. Padmaja
“I had heard that pregnancy was synonymous with nausea, so when I got pregnant, I naturally expected to feel nauseous. But to my pleasant surprise, I felt no such thing. I in fact felt so ravenously hungry that I could eat a horse. The hunger that came with my pregnancies was different from the kinds of hunger I’d feel otherwise. All I knew was that I had to eat, and boy, did I enjoy that. When I got pregnant the second time, I felt the same kind of hunger. I had not yet missed my period and went to my doctor to find out if I was pregnant. Pregnancy for me has been synonymous with hunger”.

Nisha Mehta
“Now when I think of it I feel embarrassed. When I was delivering my second child, I opted for the epidural anesthesia. But just before getting into the hospital, I’d heard that a man had died in the O.T. because of some anesthesia slip up. I think this was on my mind and coupled with the labor pangs, I quite lost my head. When I was taken to the OT for my caesarean section, I kept yelling at the doctor that the anesthesia was reaching my brain and that I was going to die. I think it must have behaved so badly because of my pregnant status”. The next day my doctor came to see me and asked “So did the anesthesia go to your head?” All I could do was answer sheepishly “No”