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Is schizophrenia caused by evil spirits, ghosts, voodoo, astrology, sorcery or “Tantriks”?

Ans. A positive and emphatic “No”.

Is the lay concept that if the patient is sent to his native place, he will be cured, justified?

Ans. A positive and emphatic “No”. Though support systems may be welcome, they cannot in any way cure schizophrenia or correct the biochemical imbalance.

Should the prospective marital partner be told about a prior episode?

Ans. Yes, because medication may be required even after marriage, a repeat episode will disclose the truth and consequently cause severe marital discord, an aware partner is an asset in monitoring programm.

An anti–psychotics be given in pregnancy?

Ans. Under controlled supervision. Yes.

Can schizophrenics attempt suicide?

Ans. A positive and emphatic “Yes”, the incidence of impulsive suicide is highest in schizophrenia, in particular, they may attempt suicide at the smallest of reasons, 40 per cent of patient of schizophrenia run the risk of committing suicide. As such, any patient who has attempted suicide, and has survived, should be evaluated for possible underlying schizophrenia.

Which are the nearby public hospitals which have indoor psychiatric admission facilities?

Ans. R. N. Cooper Hospital, Vile Parle, Sion Hospital, Sion, KEM. Hospital, Parel, JJ. & Nair Hospitals, South Bombay.

Is schizophrenia treatable?

Ans. A positive and emphatic “Yes”. With modern day anti–psychotics, and the best of psychotherapeutic aftercare available, schizophrenia is no longer the dreaded disease that it once was. A patient is ultimately able to function on a normal level in terms of business, job, educational, family, social and spiritual life, and not in any way feel different or inferior non–schizophrenic counterpart.