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Schizophrenia can affect anybody, with no class or strata of people being exempt. Doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, educated and uneducated people, men and women, rich and poor, urban and rural, young and old, can all be afflicted with schizophrenia. Generally, however, schizophrenia begins during adolescence or young adulthood with the age group of 18–30 being highly predisposed. Schizophrenia seems to worsen and become better in cycles with the acute psychotic phase often alternating with residual features such as social withdrawal, blunted emotions and extreme apathy. It is not necessary for family history of schizophrenia to be present in each case, not is it necessary for a stressful event to have preceded the illness.

Prognostic Factors
Factors which are responsible for a good prognostic outcome of schizophrenia are: