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School Project



Morning prayer at the new Serkong SchoolThe Tabo Chos-Khor Monastery plans to set up a school -- "The Serkong School - Tabo" with higher level education and fully equipped with laboratories and computer systems. This pioneering step was initiated for the improvement and progress of the inhabitants of the valley, especially the children, who will form the future and carry forward the glorious traditions of the valley. The inaccessibility of the place makes it all the more important to impart scientific and modern education so that the younger generation remains connected to the world across the borders of this formidable but heavenly valley.



His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be inaugarating the Serkong School - Tabo.


Purpose :

Award function at the Serkong SchoolThe purpose of this project is to create a new learning environment for the younger generation of the valley. At present there is no such facility available to them. Most of the parents wish to give their children modern education but are unable to send them to other existing modern schools as the geo-climatic conditions are very harsh and arctic.


To enable the under privileged parents towards educating their children, the modern education is being imparted at a special discounted fee. Free education will be provided to the orphan children of the valley and the adjoining regions.


Aims and Objectives :

Co-curricular activities at Serkong SchoolTo preserve and promote the ever-diminishing culture, Bhoti (Tibetan) language and religion of Spiti people so that the coming generations can uphold their own culture and language in the near future.


The early monastic education system is not sufficient to fulfill the present needs, because it doesn't provide modern education which is the need of the hour. Therefore students will be taught according to the standard of the national educational policy after which they will be able to pursue their higher studies. Moreover students being educated here will gain sufficient background in their own cultural heritage and awareness apart from modern subjects. They will receive an ideal and well balanced education.


Project Methodology :

The Serkong SchoolThe project will be implemented with the help of a board of directors functioning under Geshe Sonam Wangdui, the experienced Abbot of the Tabo Monastery. The standard of this school will be in accordance to that of the Central Tibetans School under the syllabus of NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training - New Delhi.)