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First Aid for Electric Shock

What is the first aid treatment for electric shock?
Electric shock Electric shock
Do not touch a person who is still in contact with electric wire! This may cause your death as well as his. The person should be removed from electric contact as quickly as possible. This may be accomplished by cutting off the current that is going to the patient or by disconnecting the patient from the wire contact by use of a dry stick or rope that is thrown around him. An axe may be available to cut the wire that is causing the contact with the patient. When using an axe, be sure that your hands are dry and that the wood handle of the axe is dry.

What treatment should be carried out for electric shock after the patient has been disconnected from electric contact?
  • Artificial respiration should be instituted as soon as possible.
  • The patient should be kept quiet and warm and supplied with oxygen if this is available.
  • The burn area, which is often present at the site of contact, must be treated in the same manner as any burn.
What are the symptoms of shock due to injury?
  • There may or may not be loss of consciousness.
  • The skin become a dull gray color and is cold and clammy to the touch.
  • The patient’s body is covered with a fine perspiration.
  • The pulse is weak and rapid.
  • The pupils of the eyes are dilated.
  • Respirations are rapid and shallow.
  • The patient is apprehensive and complains of weakness and thirst.
What is the first aid treatment for shock?
  • Place the patient on his back with his feet higher than his head.
  • If there is any active bleeding contributing toward the shock, it should be stopped.
  • The patient should kept warm. Supply him with adequate belts or other covering.
  • If there is severe pain that can be relived by the first–aider, this should be done immediately.
  • Pain is one of the strongest contributors toward the development of shock. If a fracture is present, it should be splinted.
  • If it can be determined that there is no injury or wound to the abdomen, the patient may be given warm fluids to drink.
  • The patient should be transported to the hospital as soon as possible.
Should tea or coffee be given to people who are in shock?
No. In the time it takes to obtain tea or coffee, the patient should really have had provisions made for transportation to a hospital where specific treatment can be instituted. Alcohol be given as a stimulant to patients who are in shock. This will only serve ultimately to increase the state of shock.

Should alcohol be given as a stimulant to patients who are in shock?
No. This will only serve ultimately to increase the state of shock.

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